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In 2021 year a few of the attractions in our Itineraries were either closed or numbers were restricted, we would hope for 2022 this will be resolved but we will keep you informed. Things are still different for the start of the year and we will continue with our rigorous approach to maintain passenger safety. As this Brochure is printed in December we have no idea of the guidelines which will be in place but we will notify you of any with your Travel Tickets.


Rhine Christmas Market Cruise

We have been lucky to obtain space aboard the MV Esmeralda for a completely different way to visit Germany’s Christmas Markets. Our coach will take us to Rudesheim where we board the ship and are then transported along the mighty Rhine to the Markets in Koblenz and Cologne.

Event Date 24-11-2022
Individual Price £675.00

German Christmas Markets

Christmas in Germany is a magical time, evoking memories of traditional Christmasses of days gone by. Set against a backdrop of beautiful, historic buildings, the markets are full of festive chalets selling handcrafted gifts and tempting treats.

Event Date 08-12-2022
Individual Price £595.00